These 10 bad habits are the cause of most of your illnesses, from depression to obesity

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Nasty habits

Many bad habits mysteriously ruin our health. We may have to repent later for these mistakes, which have happened unknowingly. If you want a healthy and happy life, then start paying attention to these small mistakes in everyday common lifestyle. Believe me, quitting these 10 bad habits will give you relief from both doctors and medicines.

Waist tilt

Often you have seen people sitting or walking, turning their back. Doing this is not only harmful to the muscles and spine of your body, but it also affects the body posture. Always keep the waist straight. Due to this, the muscles will remain in balance and the spine will also be correct.

Hand position while working on computer

During the work form home, people have to work in front of the computer for hours. Often people consider it bad for eyes only, but do you know, it affects our hands too. Pain and tingling in hands and fingers increases the risk of ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’. Therefore, between the eyes, relax the eyes as well as the hands.

junk food

Junk food or fast food found in the market satisfies your tongue, but at the same time gives many diseases. Junk food increases the weight fast and gives the feast of many dangerous diseases including diabetes, heart disease. Along with junk food, many unhealthy things go in your stomach.


Stress hormones are rapidly released in the body due to unhealthy life. Due to stress, a person may have problems with blood pressure and blood sugar. Not only this, with increasing weight it also affects your digestion and immunity. To get rid of this, you can do ‘deep breathing’, ‘meditation’, ‘yoga’,
‘workout’ under stress management or spend time with family.

alcohol abuse

Alcohol in alcohol affects both your physical and mental condition. There is no doubt that alcohol can cause many major damage to our body. Alcohol not only spoils the liver of a person, but it can also cause dangerous diseases like heart disease, depression, arthritis and cancer.


Smoking is responsible for 30% of deaths due to heart disease and cancer. Not only this, 80-90% of people also get lung cancer due to smoking. Smoking cigarette or bidi also causes mouth, throat or bladder cancer. You will start seeing its benefits as soon as you leave them, because the lungs and cardiovascular system automatically recover from the next minute after quitting smoking. But it should be left in time.

More use of pen killers

Pain killers i.e. pain relieving drugs should also be used sparingly. Their long-term use can be dangerous for health. Taking pen killers continuously can increase the risk of ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure and heart attack. So learn to control the addiction of such medicines.

Don’t have breakfast

Many people are not used to having breakfast in the morning. Do you know how much harm your health is by not taking morning diet? Doing this continuously affects your normal weight, hormonal health, memory, humor and mood. Lack of breakfast in the morning leads to metabolic depression, which can cause a person to gain weight.

Sleep less

Taking less or insufficient sleep weakens your focus. Irritability begins in practice. The problem of depression increases. Weight gain also occurs due to increase in stress hormone. Sleeping less has a bad effect on the skin and immunity, as well as high blood pressure. Experts say that we should get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.

Drink less water

Due to drinking less water, our body starts dehydrating. Lack of water has a bad effect on the whole body. This can cause fatigue, dry skin, irritability and loss of focus. By drinking less water, toxic substances do not come out of the body, due to which the kidney and immunity are also affected.

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