3.5 lakh passengers traveled in five days in special trains, revenue reaches 69 crore

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Rajdhani Special trains transported nearly three and a half lakh passengers to their destinations in the last five days and received a revenue of over Rs 69 crore for the Indian Railways.

 Rajdhani Special train service was started on 12 May to transport the stranded people from Delhi to other big cities of the country due to the lockdown and the middle class was booked in these trains, due to which most trains I did not have a single seat left.

Officials said that on May 16, a total of 27,788 people traveled on these trains and on Sunday the number could reach 30,127. These trains run on Rajdhani routes and are charged a premium fare. Railways said, “So far, 1,87,827 tickets have been booked and a total of 3,38,634 passengers have traveled on these special trains. So far a total rent of Rs 69,33,67,735 has been collected. 21 trains will be operational on 27 May. ”

The operation of these trains is the first indication from the railways that passenger service can be started in a hierarchical manner after the nationwide lockdown period ends on 17 May. However officials have also indicated that regular service will not be resumed until at least 30 June.

Initially there was no waiting list on these trains but due to the high demand, waiting tickets were also announced later. Indian Railways said in a statement that the waiting list in these special trains will not exceed 100 for AC three tier, 50 for second class air-conditioned, 200 for sleeper class and 20 for first class air-conditioned and executive class. RAC will not be available in special trains.

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