All that you may want to know about the Pulse Oximeter

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New Delhi: The second wave of Corona has caused havoc in the country. However, for the last few days, there is a decrease in the speed of infection. Oximeter is like a lifesaver for the patients in the fight against Corona. The discussion of the oximeter is in full swing ever since the cases increased rapidly in the country. We are giving you complete information about Oximeter.

What is oximeter?

Oximeter is a small machine to check the oxygen level in the blood, which looks like a cloth or paper clip and best of all, it can be carried anywhere. Perhaps for this reason it is also called a portable oximeter.

How oximeter works?

1. The device is fastened like a clip to the finger.

2. After this, the sensor installed in it gives information about the flow of oxygen in the blood.

3. The sensor installed in the device shows even the slightest change of oxygen in the blood on the digital screen.

4. This process takes a few seconds and it shows the person’s oxygen level on the screen through readings.

5. It catches even the smallest changes in the body.

For whom will the oximeter be useful?

It can prove to be very effective in monitoring diseases caused by blood oxygen level. Apart from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it will be useful for serious problems like asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, anemia, heart attack or heart failure.

How to use

A pulse oximeter is like a clip on a rope to hold clothing, which you can affix to a finger, ear or toe. After this, a light in the device enters the skin and shows the flow of oxygen in the blood on a digital screen. The patient does not have to face any kind of pain in this whole process.

What should be the oxygen level of a healthy person?

The oxygen level of a healthy person should be between 95 to 100. If the oxygen level of corona infected patients comes to 92, 93 then you do not need to panic, but during this time you should inform your doctors immediately.

Oximeter is available for how much rupees?

A good oximeter starts from two thousand rupees in the market. It records the oxygen level along with the heart rate. In such a situation, it is very important that the oximeter is used properly so that the correct reading of oxygen can be obtained.

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