Coronavirus: Has India discovered the treatment of corona?

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Raj Nirvana Buti (RNB), an Ayurvedic medicine prepared by Saifai Medical University, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, is giving relief to the patients of Karona. VC Prof. Dr. Rajkumar said that positive results of this herb have been seen on 20 patients admitted to the university.

A pilot study is also being done on its results.  It will soon be available in the country. Prof. Dr. Rajkumar told that this medicine is prepared from 12 Ayurvedic blends. This has been tried by following the protocols of research on corona patients.

As soon as the corona case came up, the university started researching it. We first noticed which parts of the corona attack first, due to which the death of Kovid patient can also happen. After this, medicines of ancient knowledge were sorted which are effective for this system.

Then researches in modern medicine were studied on these ancient medicines. The help of world-renowned Ayurvedacharyas was also taken for important research. Then 20 patients were selected from 103 patients admitted to Kovid-19 hospital, which had some symptoms of corona.

Research clinical trials on these patients were initiated with documentary proof after taking ethical clearance. Raj Nirvana herb also brought positive results on patients. All patients started recovering in five to seven days.

125 milliliters of Raj Nirvana herb is given with five milligrams of honey. Profs. Rajkumar said that this trial is being done on 20 other positive patients. If this trial is also successful, then it will be believed that India has discovered the treatment of corona.

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