How did Sonu Sood become the ‘Lord’ of Migrant Workers in the Corona Lockdown?

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Sonu Sood Sir Please Help. Send Sir anywhere in East UP. From there, we will go to our village on foot.

Why would you go on foot? Send the number.

For the past several days, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been helping them all possible to bring the trapped laborers home due to the lockdown. They are arranging for them from buses to food and drink.

Sonu Sood’s is getting praise from everywhere and #SonuSood is trending at the top on Twitter. People are calling him the ‘Hero of Lockdown’.

In an interview given to news agency PTI a few days ago, he said that he is not seeing the suffering of the workers and he will try his best to bring them home.

Thousands of migrant workers are stranded in different parts of the country due to the ongoing lockdown amid the Corona crisis.

Interstate and rail services were closed after the first phase of lockdown was announced. Because of this, a large number of workers were forced to leave their homes on foot.

In such a crisis, Sonu Sood has emerged as a big relief for the workers. He has arranged several buses to take the migrant laborers home with special permission from the Uttar Pradesh government. Earlier, he had arranged buses to bring home many workers of Karnataka.

He said, “It has been a very emotional journey for me. I feel very sad to see the laborers walking down the streets to my house. I will continue to help them get home till the last workers meet their family.” . “

Sonu Sood, 46, has helped workers in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Karnataka to reach their homes.

Earlier, he also donated 1,500 PPE kits for doctors and health workers of Punjab. Not only this, he has also given his hotel in Mumbai to health workers.

Sonu Sood is also feeding food to thousands of poor and migrant laborers in Bhiwandi area during the month of Ramadan.

A video of him is also becoming viral on social media, in which he is seen tearing away the coconut and sending the workers off the bus.

His generosity is well-known throughout Twitter and social media platforms. People are posting their praises, sharing memes and photos.

People are saying that the Corona virus vaccine is not known, but Sonu Sood has done the work of vaccine for thousands of migrant laborers.

Twitter users are also saying that Sood, who usually plays the villain in films, is a real life hero.

Manish has written, “Sonu Sood is the best central and state government at this time”.

Not only this, people are even telling him to be ‘God’ and are also demanding to be the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

The famous chef Vikas Khanna has thanked B Sonu Sood for his noble deeds and has prepared a dish in his honor.

He tweeted, “Sonu Sood, you inspire us every day. At this time, I cannot feed you by making something in honor of your work, but I am sending a new dish to you. I have named this dish Moga. Sonu Sood belongs to Moga district of Punjab.”

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