China is leaving behind America and becoming a superpower of technology?

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Although there is a competition between America and China to become superpower, but there is a special way to become superpower, which China is following and that is technology.

Not only Artificial Intelligence, China is also on top in the field of voice and face recognition technology, big data, robotics.

China has also made its own indigenous aircraft. The first bullet train to run at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour has also been built, whose model is ready for export.

In China, companies like Apple, GM, Volkswagen and Toyota are running their factories and research centers.

How is all this happening in China?

The answer is – ‘Made in China 2025’

In 2015, the Chinese government set a 10-year vision, which aims to make China vigorous in the field of industry and technology.

China has stated openly that it wants to change its image by supplying cheap shoes, clothes and toys. President Xi Jinping has also made his intention clear that he wants to make China a cyber power.

China is investing a lot of money for this scheme, and is also pressuring foreign companies to transfer technology directly and indirectly.

How does this happen? For example, to enter the Chinese market, a foreign company has to tie up with a local company.

Apart from this, China also buys foreign companies under its strategy. For example, the Chinese company Gili has become the largest shareholder in the German company Daimler, which produces Mercedes-Benz cars.

Apart from this, there are many legal laws of China which force companies with technology to remain permanent.

For example, Apple is going to open its first data storage center with a local company in China, so that it will follow the new rules of the Chinese government. With this, China will get all the important information related to the company.

China is also increasing artificial intelligence in its military. Through artificial intelligence, war can be controlled by sitting away from the use of weapons.

China is developing missiles with artificial intelligence, which can detect targets and attack them without any human help.

There are numerous companies working on Artificial Intelligence in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Many of these companies are working to modernize the healthcare sector.

According to China’s news agency Xinhua, since 2007 China has been developing software that will help in making decisions on the battlefield with high speed and accuracy.

Drone technology

Take the drone technique itself. America has refused to give its drone technology to any country. So China, on the contrary, announced that it will export its drone technology to other countries.

So China made its target that it would export military technology to those countries which are not close to America.

China has emerged as a main supplier of drones worldwide. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, China has sold drones to Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Burma.

China has built nuclear plants faster than any country in the last 20 years. China has a 43 GW capacitive nuclear plant and is behind only the US and France.

After all, how is China able to do all this?

Chinese start-up companies get tax rebates, get government contracts, get office space.

The Chinese government is working closely with big companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent.

Similarly, China has become the largest capital market for artificial intelligence start ups.

China has the advantage of data and cheap labor. Second, China is an important supply chain for the whole world. Its components are made in almost everything in Shenzhen and Guangzhou city. The chip of almost all smartphones in your hand is made in China. Because of this, China has access to technology around the world.

If seen, China does not consider the invention necessary to get the power of technology, for that it is necessary for anyone to have the technology, to acquire it, to use it. According to Harvard Business Review, China is behind in invention.

The chip design tool of the smartphone also has to look towards the USA and Germany. China has not been successful in making semiconductor.

Recently, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps keeping data security in mind. China has gone far ahead in the game of Cyber ​​Threat. Countries like USA, Australia have accused China of stealing intellectual property and some of its companies have also taken action. If anyone asks what is important for China—profit or power? So it would not be wrong to say that profit is the power for China.

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