CORONA VIRUS: Symptoms and Preventive Steps

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Corona virus disease is an infectious disease named after this newly found virus COVID-19. This virus had not only created a situation of pandemic across the globe but also is an issue of major concern among doctors and scientists. Its vaccine is not yet been discovered so it remains a matter of serious contagion between individuals. It is thus important to have the knowledge of its symptoms so that every person could take necessary measures towards the same.

  • Respiratory problems; difficulty in breathing
  • High body temperature
  • Dry cough
  • Tiredness

People already suffering from illness like asthma, cancer, Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are more prone to this disease. Old people and children below age of five are required to been taken more care of as their immunity is far low than younger section of the society.

Its transmission could be decreased only if masses will avoid to have a close contact with each other as it spreads through the droplets of saliva discharged from infected person in the surroundings; since the disease is contagious so following prevention measures should be taken to avoid been infected


  • Wash your hand properly with soap and water for at least 20 minutes on regular interval basis or you could use alcohol based sanitizers to keep hands properly clean
  • Avoid touching your face and nose
  • Do not leave your residence unless necessary, wear mask to protect yourself.
  • Avoid any physical contact with anyone
  • Sanitize metal and related things in your house and maintain cleanliness in every possible way

Government had taken measures to prevent its increase by enforcing lockdown and curfew in every country

China is considered to the origin place of the virus which later got spreaded over rest of the world. Worldwide the cases of infected persons were accounted to be approx. 20 lakhs in which approx. 1 lakh people had lost their life and 5 lakhs people had recovered. In India, particularly there are 11,933 cases and 392 deaths with 1,344 cases recovered. Recently India’s lockdown had been extended to 3rd may,2020 and our honourable P.M. Narendera Modi had requested us to follow seven points:


  • Take care of aged people
  • Essentially use homemade masks
  • Ayush ministry guidelines to be followed
  • Arogya setu mobile app to be installed
  • Poor families to be taken care of
  • Be considerate about business associates
  • Respect and gratitude towards corona warriors

This path is long to be achieved, but is impossible without each citizen’s cooperation and patience. So it is important to look on the positive side of government’s steps and follow it with whole dedication


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