Janshatabdi Express departed from Ranchi to Patna on the first day of Ranchi Unlock One, know how the system was

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On the first day of Unlock One, 200 trains are being run across the country today, in this order, Jan Shatabdi Express left from Ranchi to Patna. This train reached Ranchi this afternoon, which left Howrah in the morning. Report of Rachna Priyadarshini of Prabhat Khabar going from Ranchi to Patna in the same train-

Passengers traveling by train were called 90 minutes before the time of the train. Where they were scanned and it was seen that the temperature of any passenger should not be 100 or more. According to the guideline, the passenger will not be allowed to travel if there is such a temperature. All passengers arriving at the station were checked at the entry gate. Only those with confirmed and RAC tickets were allowed entry. Those with waiting tickets were sent back.

Their full information is being taken from the passengers going on the journey and it is being recorded in a register, which includes the complete details of the passenger. Like where are the people living, where are they going etc. A separate zone has been created to check the passengers at the station. Where they are being investigated with social distancing, after that they are being cleaned with a sanitizer. The station is crowded, because those who were in Ranchi for a long time and could not go to Patna, they are going to Patna today.

Railway official Avnish said that all passengers are being investigated for checking. Everything is happening with social distancing. All train tickets have been booked. The train has been sanitized and there is also a sanitizer in the bogie. On the question of Correntine being done on reaching Patna, he told that the state government has to take a decision about it.

Food items like chips, crisps and peanuts are being sold inside the train. The train has a large number of passengers and all tickets have been booked. Even after the passengers sit in the train, they are being investigated. Masks are mandatory for all travelers. Some railway counters have also been opened from today, where dry items like tea-coffee chips, cakes and biscuits are being sold. A total of 1200 passengers were seated on the station platform. Dry breakfast is also being sold inside the train. But the stalls with cooked food are still closed.

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