Maldives Gives a big blow to Pakistan

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New Delhi: Pakistan has suffered a major setback at the Islamic Cooperation Organization meeting. Pakistan’s conspiracy to propagate Islamophobia against India has failed. In the OIC meeting, Maldives has heard Pakistan’s favour by taking a dig at India.

In favour of India, Maldives said it was wrong to accuse him of Islamophobia. India, the world’s largest democracy, has over 200 million Muslims. Maldives said that a false accusation of Islamophobia on India would harm religious harmony in South Asia.

It was also said during the discussion that the propaganda campaigns being carried out on social media should not be done to reflect the sentiment of 1.3 million people.

India has strengthened its ties with several Islamic countries in recent years, although some communal riots have caused some damage to the Modi government’s image.

Tell that two days ago, speaking lip of Pakistan, OIC had expressed concern over alleged cases of ‘Islamophobia’ in India. On Thursday, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi responded to the OIC on behalf of India, saying that ‘India is a paradise for Muslims and those who are trying to spoil this environment cannot be friends of Indian Muslims’.

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