More than 9,300 military engineering service posts will be over, Defense Minister Approved

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The Ministry of Defense has approved the proposal to eliminate more than 9,300 posts of Military Engineering Service (MES). The move is designed to balance military capability and defense spending. It has been approved by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh following the recommendations of Lieutenant General Shekhtkar (Retirement) Committee. After this, 9304 posts of basic and industrial workforce will be abolished.

According to the media report, the Ministry of Defense said in its statement that as per the recommendations made by the committee based on the proposal of the Engineer-in-Chief, MES, to eliminate 9,304 posts in MES out of a total of 13,157 vacancies of basic and industrial employees. The proposal has been approved. This recommendation was made by the committee to increase the capacity of military forces and to balance defense expenses.

The recommendations made by the panel stated that the MES be restructured. MES work can be done partially by departmental staff and outsourced other works.

Role of MES:

Military Engineering Services is the major construction company of the Indian Army. It is one of the largest construction and maintenance agencies in India, with a total annual budget of about Rs 13,000 crore. It mainly manages engineering and construction operations for the Indian Armed Forces including Indian Forces, Medical Factories, DRDO and Indian Coast Guard. MES has more than six hundred stations across India.

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