Negligence will Aggravate the problem due to Climate Change

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres invited world leaders to the UN Environment Conference held on 23 September in New York, saying that they should come up with their exact plan to address the problem of climate change in the world. To attend the summit, 16-year-old student Greta Thunberg of Sweden, the daughter of actor father and singer mother, had traveled 15 days from England to pollution-free New York to reach the conference and gave a clear message that the future is full of difficulties and we Proceed with caution. At that time Greta, with her awareness and activity, had made the problem of climate change an important issue among the youth, which is equally effective today. Other leaders of the world also participated in this conference to draw a blueprint for the future. The essence of this conference was again discussed in the COP-25 held in Santiago, Chile in December.

The problem of climate change is taking a huge form in the world. Almost all the countries of the world are worried about this. New research is being done on this subject in the coming days. The United Nations is constantly trying to reach an agreement on the solution of this problem in countries all over the world, which are also succeeding to some extent. According to the 156-page rulebook issued under the agreement at the COP-24 conference held in the city of Katowice, Poland in 2018, in relation to the problem of climate change, almost all countries agreed on the seriousness of the problem and also to strive for solutions. Agreed, but the three points were silent on the expenditure of money, measures for rescue and honest efforts of all countries. India disagreed with the provisions of this rulebook. India had said that there was disagreement over the lack of equity in the implementation of the Paris Agreement as the equality is mentioned in Article 14 of the Paris Agreement and is the basic principle of the agreement. At the end of the conference, COP-24 President Michael Kurtica said in his speech that all countries have worked tirelessly for the agreement and all have expressed their commitment, so all countries can depart from Katowice with a sense of pride.

Even at the root of the problem of climate change, opinionated countries like America are getting hampered. The worldwide problem of climate change has already been ruled out by US President Donald Trump. The US has already separated itself from the international agreement on climate change. Trump’s decision was historically very big. This decision by Trump brought environmentalists from all over the world, because under the pressure of the international fraternity, during the time of former President Barack Obama, America’s stance on climate change was somewhat positive, but Trump’s decision gave a shock to the whole world. There should be no surprise if the countries involved in the Paris Agreement are also disenchanted by the decision of the US. During his election campaign, Trump has been treating the problem of climate change as the bogey of some countries and scientists, while the world is constantly battling the rising temperature of the earth. In such a situation, the most influential person in the world has been sidelined by a worldwide problem. Now it is also certain that there will be major policy changes on this subject in future. Whose initiative will be seen in the upcoming COP conferences.

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had warned the world in his first address that climate change could become a major cause of war and conflict in the future. Later, when the United Nations presented its report on global warming, it was also confirmed by it. The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, the late Kofi Annan, has also expressed concern over the change of climate throughout his tenure. Even a step further, environmental experts from all over the world have been screaming for the last two and a half decades that if the lives of the Earth and the creatures on it are to be saved, then climate change will have to be stopped. The Nobel Prize for Peace in the year 2007 by the Nobel Committee to the late Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri and former Vice President of America Al Gore, former Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a committee formed in the year 1988 by the World Metrological Organization and United Nations Environment Program. If given, the seriousness of the subject was clearly reflected by this. But Donald Trump’s denial of this burning problem is a setback to the world’s efforts. Donald Trump, because he is a businessman, is also assuming that due to the Climate Change Treaty, he is not able to extract gas and oil from such places which are banned.

This attitude of Donald Trump will surely please some poor and developing countries who are considering the climate change treaty as an obstacle in the development of their country. India has not reacted seriously to Trump’s decision. Prime Minister of India Narendra Damodardas Modi seems worried about the problem of climate change. He has already stated clearly that the two biggest crises facing the world at present – one is terrorism, another is climate change and Gandhi Darshan is sufficient to fight both these problems. Trump’s stance is in complete contrast to Modi’s, and Trump is not willing to accept climate change as a problem. Like India, European countries are also having difficulty in keeping pace with the US on climate change.

In the past, while the poor and developing countries have always felt pressure on the problem of climate change, the rich countries have not been able to take concrete steps to reduce carbon levels and reduce their facilities and production. Of all the churns that have taken place in Paris and Morocco conferences on this subject, nectar has come only from the developed and rich countries, whereas poisons and developing countries have had to drink poison.

However, the previous US Presidents’ attitude towards climate change has also not been very encouraging because in the 1997 Kyoto Convention on the emission of greenhouse gases in the world, each country should have emission of greenhouse gases by 2012. In the year 1990, it was decided to decrease by 5.2 percent. The treaty was finalized in the year 2001 climate conference in Bonn, Germany. This treaty was also agreed by most of the countries of the world. Significantly, environmental experts were right to reduce the emission level of greenhouse gases to 2 percent, but the US, where only 4 percent of the world’s population lives, did not agree to it, although in the year 1997 Kyoto It was agreed to by Bill Clinton during the treaty, but George W. Bush refused to accept it after becoming president. Barack Obama, while securing his own interests, was seen to pursue Bush’s policies with some changes. At this time, the future of the Kyoto Treaty was in crisis due to this attitude of the US, but initially Russia’s reluctance to join the Kyoto Treaty put pressure on other countries of the world who were avoiding it. The credit for this goes to the foresight of Russian President Vladimir Putin. At that time, 138 Mayors of America were engaged in creating an atmosphere in favor of this treaty. Now that Trump’s stance shows that he is a fan of Putin, it is important to see how the friendship of the two will proceed on climate change. It would not be environmentally friendly if Trump and Putin’s strategy followed Trump on climate change. Most of America’s industries are based on oil and coal, so there is more carbon dioxide emissions. Each American citizen emits two times more carbon dioxide gas than a person in the UK. Whereas India emits only three percent of the total greenhouse gases emitted in the world.

According to the United Nations report, if the greenhouse gases are not banned, by 2100, the sea level will rise by 28 to 43 centimeters due to the melting of glaciers. At that time, the temperature of the Earth would also have increased by about three degrees Celsius. In such a situation, there will be severe drought in the dry areas and there will be plenty of water in the watery areas. In the year 2004, a group of scientists have already warned through Nature magazine that climate change will cause the loss of nearly a million species of animals and plants from the earth by the middle of this century and millions of people in developing countries will also be affected by it. . Regarding the report, Paul Prattard, an expert at the Oslo-based Center for International Climate and Environment Research, says the rapid melting of Arctic ice will pose a threat that will be difficult to deal with in the future. The fact of the report concerns less guilty countries like India that developing countries such as India and poorer countries such as South Africa, which emit less greenhouse gas than developed countries, will be the most affected.

The United Nations report warns us that the earth’s sons are wary, the earth is heating up. The quantity of green house gases (carbon dioxide, methane and chlorofluoros carbon etc.) is increasing in the atmosphere. This is why the temperature of the earth is constantly increasing. The ozone layer is sieving due to which the sun’s ultraviolet rays are directly trampling the human skin. The glaciers are melting and the sea level is rising. Unseasonal rain and excessive snowfall are not good signs. This report has put the entire world in a dilemma. Everyone seems anxious about the future. The attitude of industrialized countries on this subject is still lax.

Ban Ki-moon, during his tenure, also urged the US to lead the whole world to reduce the risk of global warming, but the US did not agree to the Kyoto Treaty, while the world’s total greenhouse gases emitted One quarter of the US alone emits. The US does not want to let its business interests come down at all. The United States wants to pay money to countries like Africa and buy its carbon dioxide emission rights but does not want to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide there. In such a situation, Donald Trump’s careless approach to the problem of climate change can make America autocratic, which will not result in good results.

Nobel laureate Wangri Mathai’s statement that countries that are outside the Kyoto Treaty do not want to change their style of ultra-consumerism is correct because our changing living environment and consumerism emit more greenhouse gases. She has been Due to this, there are constant changes in the climate. If the attitude of the so-called developed countries of the world is not changed, then the destruction on earth is certain. All countries are beginning to feel this devastation to some extent and the mirror of future destruction was also served to the world through the Hollywood film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. The worsening nature of summer and winter, every day storms, glaciers that have slipped back by a distance of kilometers, the temperature of the plains are going to be reduced to a minimum.

Today, whatever big event is happening in the world today, it is being said that climate change will be stopped. Even IIFA has come forward for this. This is also being discussed in SAARC conferences. In the SAARC conference held in Kathmandu in 2002, Maldives President Mamun Abdul Gayoom had expressed his concern that if the temperature of the earth keeps increasing at this fast, then islands like Maldives will soon be seated in the sea. Their concern also applies to those countries and islands which are situated on or between the sea shore.

In the manifesto released at a conference on climate change in Delhi in 2002 itself, most of the 186 countries present agreed that greenhouse gases should be reduced. But countries like European Union, Canada and Japan were unhappy with this. In this conference, former Prime Minister of India Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that countries which cause more pollution should play a leading role in stopping pollution, these countries were also shocked. So-called developed and industrialized countries do not want any kind of hindrance in their development. He remains the owner of his will.

In today’s difficult time, when the world is also experiencing environmental changes due to the coronation like corona, then if the head of the world kidnapped Donald Trump does not change his policy on this subject then the world is going to be chaos and then the debate in the world will start from a new level. It will be difficult to assess what will be the outcome of that debate, but it is so certain that the results will not be good for the environment and the world will look divided into two factions. If the disease will be ignored, then it is certain that it will become a cancer.

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