Petrol is cheaper than water here! Highest price in SAARC countries in India

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Petroleum companies have not made any changes in the prices of petrol and diesel on Sunday. Petrol is getting Rs 84.20 per liter and diesel is Rs 74.38 per liter in the national capital Delhi. However, petrol in Sriganganagar in Rajasthan has now reached close to a century. Here petrol has been priced at Rs 95.50 and diesel at Rs 87.46. Although, today we are telling you the country where petrol is cheaper than water.

Petrol cheaper than a liter of water in these countries

However, there are many countries in the world where you will have to pay less than a liter of water bottle to buy petrol and diesel. In the three countries of the world, Venezuela, Iran and Angola, the price of petrol is less than 20 rupees a liter. Petrol price in Venezuela was Rs 1.46 per liter on 4 January. At the same time, the price of petrol in Iran is Rs 4.24 and in Angola it is Rs 17.88.

Petrol is the most expensive in these countries

Talking about the most expensive rate of petrol, according to the data available on the website of Global Petrol Diesel, it is Rs 169.21 per liter in Hong Kong, Rs 150.29 in Central African Republic, Rs 149.08 in Syria, Rs 140.90 in Netherlands, in Norway. 135.38 rupees and in Finland it is 133.90 rupees. Petrol is Rs 116 in England, Rs 115 in Switzerland, Rs 116 in Germany, Rs 93.62 in Japan, Rs 68.91 in Australia, Rs 50.13 in the US and Rs 42.69 per liter in Russia.

India is the most expensive petrol among SAARC countries

The price of petrol is the highest in India compared to the neighboring countries. Talking about the neighboring countries, it is Rs 72.62 in China, Rs 67.41 in Nepal, Rs 36.34 in Afghanistan, Rs 43.53 in Burma, Rs 48.19 in Pakistan, Rs 49.56 in Bhutan and Rs 62.79 in Sri Lanka whereas in India it is around Rs 95 per liter Is more than a liter.

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