‘Thought of Committing Suicide Thrice’: Mohammed Shami

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India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami shared some things related to his personal life in a live chat with Rohit Sharma on Instagram recently.

Shami has said that due to personal and professional issues, he has been under so much stress that three times he had thought about committing suicide.

However, Shami has said that he was able to overcome with the help of family members in those difficult times.

Shami told Rohit Sharma on Instagram Live, “In 2015 I was injured during the World Cup. After that it took me 18 months to return to the Indian team. It was the most difficult phase of my career.”

“You know how difficult it is to come back from injury and after that family troubles started. It was going on that I crashed 10-12 days before the start of IPL. There is a lot of media in my personal affairs too was being exaggerated. “

Shami also said in this conversation, “I feel that if the family does not help, I would have left cricket. I intended to commit suicide thrice. Somebody in the house always kept an eye on me. My house was on 24th floor and hence the housemates thought I could jump from the apartment. “

Referring to his family members, Shami said, “But my family members were with me, and what would be the greater strength than it. They always used to say that every problem will be solved, you just concentrate on your game. They used to say Stay immersed in what you are good at. Then I quit everything and started practising on the nets. I started running first. I was stressed about whether I was doing well or not doing. “

“I used to get depressed even during practice. Family members used to say, just keep playing with attention. My brother used to sit with me. Some of my friends used to encourage. I will never forget them all. If those people were not there, I would have done harm to myself, I would have done something. “

Shami has been having a dispute with his wife Hasin since 2018. Hasin Jahan accused Shami and his family of harassment. Not only this, Hasin even accused Shami of being involved in match fixing. Apart from this, shared screenshots of Shami’s alleged chat with another woman on social media also became viral.

The BCCI did suspend Shami’s contract for the investigation, but after the investigation, Shami was freed from the allegations of fixing.

A local court in West Bengal had issued a warrant for arrest against Shami in a domestic violence case. This warrant was later revoked.

In the midst of all this, in March 2018, Shami’s road accident also occurred.

In spite of all these difficulties, Shami made a strong comeback in the series, played on Australian grounds in December 2018 and made a comeback after that.

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