Two types of steroid can save the lives of corona virus patients: WHO

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Use of steroid for treatment

The faster the cases of corona virus are increasing in the world, the faster its medicines are also being discovered. Now, if a new report is to be believed, steroid can also save the lives of people in this epidemic. WHO says that steroids can be given to severe corona patients. In the month of June, a recovery trial was conducted by Oxford University in many hospitals. In this trial it was found that one out of every 8 serious people from Corona was saved with a steroid called Dexamethasone.

Increased expectation from the results of the trial

In addition to these trials, six other trial results have also come to light, suggesting that another steroid called hydrocortisone also has an important role in saving lives. Hydrocortisone becomes cheaper as well as readily available. The results of seven trials have been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It says that these two drugs reduce the risk of death by up to 20 percent in seriously ill people.

 Patients can be saved from dying

Jonathan Stern, the study’s author and professor of epidemiology at Bristol University, England, said, ‘Steroids are an inexpensive and easily available drug and our analysis confirms that these drugs cause patients to die in severe cases of corona Saves These medicines work on people of all ages and all classes.

 Recovery trial

This recovery trial has been done on people of many countries including Brazil, France. Professor Jonathan Stern said, “The results of all these trials reveal that hydrocortisone is effective on patients just like dexamethasone steroids.” Martin Landre, a professor at Oxford University and deputy chief investigator of recovery trials, says that when a patient has difficulty breathing, steroids can be given without waiting for a ventilator.

Trial conducted on many patients

These drugs are already being widely used. In the month of May, about 7-8 percent of patients were being given dexamethasone, which by the end of June had increased to about 55 percent. The trial of hydrocortisone was led by Professor Anthony Gordon of Imperial College London. The trial was done on patients from 88 hospitals.

Use is already being done in many places

Professor Anthony said, ‘In intensive care, we use steroid to prevent inflammation and serious infections, but we know that it also works to suppress the immune system and with this new virus the situation can get worse.

Used in many hospitals around the world

Dexamethasone and hydrocortisone are now being adopted more frequently on serious patients of the corona virus in NHS and other hospitals around the world.

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