US vs. China: America’s dual strategy towards China – showed eye to Taiwan, relaxed economic sanctions

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Biden has begun to crack down on China. However, after the US-China tense relationship during the former Trump’s tenure, Beijing hoped that Riste would be comfortable with Biden. The Biden administration is acting with a dual strategy towards China.

 US President Joe Biden agrees to work closely with China on the economic front. White House press secretary Jane Saki said Tuesday that Biden is committed to limiting the economic sanctions imposed on China. This statement of America has come at a time when Joe Biden has started hardening his attitude against China after taking office as a national husband. The Biden administration has indicated against Chinese interference, especially in the South China Sea.

However, after strained relations between the US and China during the tenure of former nation husband Donald Trump, Beijing was hopeful that Rista would be comfortable with the newly elected President Biden. This Chinese candidate was unfounded. Tensions between Washington and Beijing have increased once again due to China’s strategic ambition. The Biden administration is currently working on a dual strategy against China.

Press Secretary Jane Saki said Tuesday that Biden is committed to limiting the economic sanctions imposed on China. He said that the United States is willing to coordinate with all its partners and partners. The press secretary further said that in the last few years we have seen that China is establishing its hegemony in the world. China is presenting a strong challenge to our security, prosperity and democratic values. We want to tackle this challenge with strategic patience. This statement of the US is being taken in the sense that it is in a mood to give China a concession on the economic front, but in strategic matters it is not in a mood to compromise.

He said that we have serious competition with Beijing. The Chinese government’s conduct rests on harming American workers. China is eyeing our alliance partners. He is bothering them undeservedly and also trying to limit American influence in international organizations. China has been moving towards totalitarianism in the last few years. He acknowledged that Beijing is now presenting a new challenge to our security, prosperity and democratic values. The US needs a fresh approach to deal with this Chinese challenge.

Issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea

The Biden Administration has made its policy clear. This can also be gauged from the fact that after the confrontation between China and Taiwan in South China, the US Navy has deployed its planes there. In sequence, the White House press secretary said on Monday that we are committed to helping our allies. The Secretary said that the US will work with its allies to meet the challenges on the economic front from China.

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