India’s increased dominance: India will join group G-7 of developed countries

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India will now partner with developed countries through G-7. This will also increase India’s dominance at the global level. This is a major diplomatic victory for India.

US President Donald Trump has indicated that the member countries of the G-7 group of developed countries will be expanded. It will also include the name of India. This is important for India at the international level. India will now have partnership with developed countries through this platform. This will also increase India’s dominance at the global level. This is a major diplomatic victory for India. However, President Trump has postponed the G-7 meeting due to the Corona epidemic. Trump said on Saturday that the need of the hour is to expand the group. He said that the nature of the G-7 is quite old. It does not represent the whole world properly. Therefore, its expansion is necessary. Let’s know what the G7 is. What is its role and challenges at the international level? How India will change the equation of Asia by joining?

China missing the Trump Expansion Plan

The G-7 is an organization of seven member countries. Currently, its member countries are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States. On Saturday, President Trump has proposed to expand it. This expansion includes two countries in Asia – India and South Korea. Apart from this, Trump has said to make Australia and Russia a member of this organization. China and Pakistan must have been displeased with Trump’s decision. President Trump’s announcement comes at a time when India and Australia have openly supported the US over the investigation of WHO’s role in the Corona epidemic.

What is g7?

The G-7 is the world’s seven largest conglomerate of countries with developed and advanced economies. This includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA. It is also called Group of 7. This group believes in democratic values. Freedom and protection of human rights, democracy and rule of law and prosperity and sustainable development are its main principles. Initially it was a group of six member countries. Its first meeting was held in the year 1975. Canada also became a member of this group in 1976. This is how it became the G-7. Ministers and bureaucrats from G-7 countries meet every year to discuss matters of mutual interest. Representatives of other countries and international organizations are also invited to attend the summit. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited.

Challenges before the G7

There are also a number of disagreements between G7 group member countries. Last year at the G-7 summit in Canada, US President Donald Trump had differences with other member countries. President Trump’s allegations were that other countries were imposing heavy import duties on the United States. Along with this he also had differences with member countries on the issue of environment. The group is also criticized for not addressing existing global politics and economic issues.

Why China is not a part of this group. China is the second largest economy in the world, yet it is not part of this group. The reason for this is that it has the largest population in the world and the per capita income wealth is much less than the G7 group countries. As such, China is not considered an advanced or developed economy, due to which it is not included in the group. Although China is part of the G-20 group of countries. By joining this group, China is working on increasing the number of modern cities like Shanghai.

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