Ashwin-Morgan Altercation Takes Ugly Form

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Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne has called R. Ashwin and Eoin Morgan have given a strong reaction to the controversy. He has sternly told Ashwin, saying Morgan is right. Dinesh Karthik played an important role in resolving the matter on the field.


In the 41st match of the 2021 season of the Indian Premier League, there was a heated argument between Kolkata Knight Riders captain Ian Morgan and Delhi Capitals’ Ravichandran Ashwin. In this matter, now former Australian cricketer Shane Warne is very angry on Ashwin. He has taken Morgan’s side here and got Ashwin wrong. Let us tell you that Dinesh Karthik played an important role in resolving this matter on the field.

Shane Warne, the legendary spinner of Australia and former captain of Rajasthan Royals, tweeted, ‘The world should not divide Ashwin and Ashwin on this topic. It’s so simple – it’s embarrassing and it should never happen. Why did Ashwin have to be the same man again? I think Ian Morgan had every right to destroy him (Ashwin).’

What happened on the field?

Knight Riders beat Delhi by three wickets in a low-scoring match but the trouble started when Kolkata fielder Rahul Tripathi threw a throw and the ball went away after hitting Delhi skipper Rishabh Pant. Ashwin then tried to steal the extra run. Karthik revealed that his captain Morgan felt it was not in the spirit of the game and told him this when Ashwin was dismissed off Tim Southee. An angry Ashwin, who was leaving the field, then stopped and was seen approaching the Knight Riders captain. Karthik then came between the two and urged his Tamil Nadu teammate to leave the field.

What did DK say after the match?

Karthik said after the three-wicket win against Delhi, ‘I know that when Rahul Tripathi threw and the ball went away from Rishabh Pant’s body, Ashwin asked for a run and he started taking runs. ‘ He said, ‘I don’t think Morgan liked it. I think he expects that if the ball hits the batsman or the bat, he will not take runs in the spirit of the game. It is a very interesting subject, I have my own perspective on it.

Pant said – the matter should not be given attention

Delhi captain Pant did not give much importance to the matter saying that it is part of the game. He said, ‘I think it is part of the game because both the teams were trying to win the match so something had to happen. Whatever is good for the game, I think it is in the spirit of the game.

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