Mother’s Day 2020: How you can Make it Memorable for your Mom

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Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most. Mother’s place is very special in everyone’s life. No matter how big we may be, but from hunger to small injuries, the word mother first comes on the tongue. When the mother happens to be near, we may not be able to understand her importance, but when we get away from her, or the mother goes away, then her importance, we understand. In fact, mother is the most special relationship for every child in the world. A special day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May to honor that mother.

When, how and why Mother’s Day began?

Some scholars claim that the custom of worshiping the mother, that is, respect for the mother, originated in Old Greece. It is said that Sybele was the mother of Greek gods, and this day was celebrated in her honor.

It was a custom to celebrate this day like a festival. The Ides of March was celebrated from 15 March to 18 March in Rome.

Many traditions of showing respect to the mother are prevalent in Europe and Britain. Under it, motherhood and mothers were honored on a particular Sunday which was called Mothering Sunday.

According to the tradition, there is a mention of giving symbolic gifts to the mother.

In America, Mother’s Day Proclamation was first celebrated by Julia Ward Howe. The “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, composed by Howe in 1870, wrote the pacifist reaction to the American civil war. This was the feminist belief of Proclamation Howe according to which women or mothers should have full responsibility to shape their society at political level.

Later these dates were changed in such a way that the birthday of the goddess of various religions prevailing in different countries or the day of virtue began to be celebrated as such. In Catholic countries such as Virgin Mary Day and in Islamic countries, the dates of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Fatima were changed to this day.

By the way, some countries celebrate March 8 Women’s Day as Mother’s Day. In some countries, if a mother is not duly honored on Mother’s Day, it is seen as a crime.

Mother’s Day in Japan was celebrated as the birthday of Queen Kojun (mother of Emperor Akihito) during the Shova period. Nowadays people celebrate it only for their mother. Children give mother as a gift of carnation and rose flowers.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May?

On May 9, 1914, American President Woodrow Wilson passed a law stating that Mother’s Day would be celebrated on every second Sunday of May, after which Mother’s Day started being celebrated on the second Sunday of May in America, India and many countries. .

How is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Although the mother does not need any special day to love and give gifts, but still the mother is given more respect on Mother’s Day. She is gifted, given sweet and loved a lot.

Mother’s day Gifts

There should be something for mother, which should fill her eyes with happiness. In such a situation, what can be better than her memories. Gift some such precious memories of her life which is lying with you in the form of photo, audio, video, etc. Rest assured, she will treasure those memories.

Photo Album

How would it be if you collect all the old pictures of your mother and make a nice designer album of her? You can put all the photos of her from childhood till now, like when she was small, when she celebrated her birthday for the first time, when she was married and when she became a mother for the first time. It may be a little difficult to collect all this but there is nothing much for the mother.

Video Gift

For this, you will have to prepare some videos in advance, but if you do not have much time, then the best option is to see the old videos, which include your mummies, family, some memorable moments of her wedding, all embedded a video. Prepare and put some of your cute messages along.

Saregama Carvaan

You must have heard the mother often say that the songs of her age was more melodious and meaningful than that of present-day songs. So, why not remind her of the songs of her day? Saregama Caravan has a collection of several thousand old songs. By gifting it, you will make her feel nostalgia.

Bed tea

By the way, if every day mother brings you tea on your bed, then on the special day of Mother’s Day, you prepare a bed tea for her. Before she leaves bed, prepare a bed tea for her.


Make Mother’s Breakfast their choice for Mother’s Day. Everyday she makes breakfast of your choice, but on the occasion of Mother’s Day, make breakfast of her choice.

Spend the Afternoon with Mother

Every afternoon, the mother keeps doing some work. On this special occasion, make her get rid of all the work. Spend time in the afternoon with mother playing indoor games with her.

Apart from this, go out to dinner with mother, do favorite shopping and buy goods of her choice for mother.

Every year on Mother’s Day, we tend to ask ourselves the same question, “What should be the Mother’s Day gift this year. It is very important to take care of their choice while buying a gift for mother. For this it would be better to start thinking about Mother’s day gift several days in advance. We have brought you some such gift ideas, which will make your mother’s day in this special day even more special.

Family Photo

Do you know what Lakshmi of the house i.e. your mother likes the most? Yes, you guessed it right. She loves her family the most. Do not remember that she used to leave anything for any member of the house? That is why if you give a big family photo or a family collage to your mother, then she will definitely like this gift. You can also gift an old photo frame of your parents. This will also be a unique gift idea.

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Mother does not do anything from our birth till we grow up. This is the time when we do something for her. What else would there be better than a hand-made gift for this? Handmade mother’s day gifts ideas to your mother on this Mother’s Day special will be innovative and memorable for sure.

Self Cooked Food

Maybe you have very little chance to go to the kitchen or you don’t like to cook, but on this Mother’s Day special, you can surprise your mummy by making any of her favorite dishes with your hands. You can start with breakfast and maybe you can get excited and make dinner and lunch too.

Mother’s day Card

Even if the card option is old, the happiness it receives is still new. In such a situation, if you gift a self-made card to your mother, it will mean a lot for her. You need not do any online shopping, or purchase Brand cards for the Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day gifts

How many times would it have been when you had demanded your mother to buy something for you. Why not buy something of her choice this time? The best mother’s day gifts should be something that she is happy to see.


Women’s love for cosmetics is well known. Many women like cosmetics like lipstick, cream, mascara, eyeliner very much. If your mother also likes to use cosmetics, then there can be no better gift than this. She will be happy to see your gift. But remember that before buying, you must find out her favorite makeup brand. She will definitely like the gifted cosmetics.
Beauty Products

Like you, your mother also needs to take care of her skin. She often forgets to take care of herself while meeting every need of family and children. This is the time to make her realize this. For this, you can gift your beloved mother from skin care to body care and hair care products as well. Some beauty products can help you better in this task. You can shop these products for your mother.

Appointment in Beauty Parlour

Mother has time for everyone, except herself. She forgets to take care of herself while taking care of everyone. Take her responsibility for this special day and get your mother to make an appointment in a good parlor. Book for her right from facials to waxing, manicure, pedicure, head massage etc. and let your mother live one day only for her.


Who does not like clothes? We are sure, your mother will also like. Your mother’s favorite clothes are a good option to gift. In these, you can choose the saree or suit according to your mother’s choice. However, you must keep in mind how your mother’s choice is, choose clothes for them accordingly, or else they may not like your gift.


If your mother is fond of perfume, then you can also gift it to her. Believe it, its scent will always remind her of you.

A Day for Mom

It is said that only mother’s job in the world is such, in which there is never any holiday, there is no Sunday. On this Mother’s Day, you can give your mother a full day’s rest and make her day special for her.
Give Her A Holiday

Give your mother a full day off on Mother’s day. Thinking about everybody, cooking, handling the whole house… how much she does for us. If we do not let her do anything for a whole day, then it will not be less than a special gift.

Friends and Mummy

On Mother’s Day, you can call your mother’s friends, with whom your mother has passed a long time and she remembers them. The chance to spend the whole day with friends, what better gift can there be for them.

Make Some Late Night Plans

How many times each of us must have scolded our mothers for staying out till late at night, but this time we can include it in our surprise list. You can take your mother to a late night dinner, a movie, or a long drive. After all, she too knows how much fun she herself has in late night plans!

Grand Celebration

Mother’s day comes once a year and the feeling of that day should be special for every mother, so you can celebrate this special day of mother in a grand way. A wonderful evening for the world’s most beautiful mother! What else is needed to make that day special!

Gift for Mother

Mother’s day comes once a year and the feeling of that day should be special for every mother, so you can celebrate this special day of mother in a grand way. A wonderful evening for the world’s most beautiful mother! What else is needed to make that day special!

Every woman definitely likes Jewellery. You can give any Jewellery to your mother, such as bangles, necklaces, rings or earrings / earrings. If you wish, you can also gift the complete set. It depends on your budget whether you want to give gold or silver Jewellery to your mother or artificial Jewellery.


Leather or leather purse / bag is something that every woman needs. You can also gift your mother a purse, wallet or a big bag, depending on their need and use. They are also available online or in the market in the right range.

Hand Watch

A watch is also a good option to gift to a mother. Every mother thinks ten times before buying something for herself and prefers to have one of her children before taking something for herself every time. In such a situation, she is unable to get anything good for herself. So, if you give her a good brand watch, she will feel that there is someone to think for her.

Crockery Set

Every mother loves crockery sets because she keeps them for special guests coming home. Your mother may also have kept many such sets in the Almari. So, why not make them happy by giving them another crockery set? You will not agree but she will keep your gifted crockery set in front of the guests first.


Good quality footwear i.e. sandals or belly, whatever your mother uses, you can gift. The mother who keeps running for you all day, if she does not have comfortable footwear on her feet, how will she be comfortable? Thinking of this, you should give good and comfortable footwear to your mother. You cannot imagine how happy she will be.


Mobile is one such thing that is with you all the time. If your mother’s mobile is also old or she is planning to get a new mobile, then you can also gift a new mobile to your mother. In such a situation, she will miss you all the time.

Mobile Cover

Now when you are giving a mobile gift to the mother, why not put the mobile cover in hand? By the way, if mobile is falling on her pocket too much, then mobile cover can also be gifted. Believe that a new mobile cover can bring new life to your mother’s old phone. What would be better and better than shopping for a mobile cover?

Home Decor Gifts

For every mother, her home is the most beautiful place in the world. She not only decorates it by adding a pie, she also loves to show it to the loved ones.

In such a situation, when you give them a gift of home decoration, then there is a lot of happiness on her face.

Cushion Cover Set

Home is our world for our mothers and they also like to keep it decorated. In such a situation, you can gift them a beautiful cushion cover or a set of cushion covers from Shop. Believe me, she will like it very much.


As soon as someone enters the house, guests first notice the doormat on the door. In such a situation, every mother wants that everything should be beautiful and different in front of the guests, from coming inside the house to going back. For this, you can also gift a nice doormat to your mother. You can buy them online.

Tray and Coasters Set

To make your mother’s impression in front of guests good, you can also gift beautiful trays and coaster sets. These are not only beautiful but their vibrant colors are enough to attract anyone to their side.

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