Nadeem-Shravan fame musician Shravan Rathod died in Mumbai, was infected with Corona

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Nadeem-Shravan fame musician Shravan Rathod’s S.M. L. Raheja died in the hospital. Recently, Shravan Rathore became infected with Corona.

Nadeem-Shravan fame musician Shravan Rathore, who was hospitalized for treatment of Corona infection, died of heart attack and multiple organ failure at around 10.00 pm on Thursday night. Shravan Rathod’s son Sanjeev Rathod has confirmed his father’s death from ABP News. He told, “Papa left us some time ago. Heart attack took his life. Many parts of his body stopped working.”

It is noteworthy that for the last three days, Shravan’s condition was continuously deteriorating. ABP News had received information that due to the declining health of Shravan Rathore admitted in ICU and the kidneys did not work properly, doctors started his dialysis on Monday night.

S. S. situated at Mahim in Mumbai on Saturday. L. A very close friend of Shravan Rathod, who was admitted to Raheja Hospital, told ABP News on Wednesday, “Apart from lung, heart related problems, problems related to hearing kidneys are also increasing. That is why on Tuesday The doctors had decided to start his dialysis at night. The doctors said that the next 72 hours would prove extremely fragile for him due to the deteriorating hearing health. “

When contacted on Monday, Shravan Rathod’s musician son Sanjeev Rathod told ABP News, expressing concern about his father’s health, “My father is in dire need of everyone’s prayers at the moment.”

Recruitment was done on Saturday

Significantly, after being admitted to the hospital on Saturday, the doctors described the condition of 66-year-old Corona-positive Shravan Rathore as critical, but also said that his health has remained stable since he was admitted to the hospital. It is worth mentioning that if the well-known lyricist Sameer Unknown wrote the most songs for a composer duo, then he wrote for Nadeem-Shravan.

“I never saw a good-hearted person like him. He was a very humble type of person and I never got angry with him,” Sameer Anonymous told ABP News, regretting the death of Shravan Rathod from complications arising from the corona infection. Did not see or heard. He always believed in helping others and no needy person ever left his house empty-handed. In the 90s, the kind of melodious music that Shravan gave with Nadeem, gave him I will remember many generations to come and will always be humming all his melodious songs. The less I can say about them, the less I will have no words to speak. “

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