Patna: Greater Patna will be ready soon, these areas around Patna will be the biggest beneficiaries

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To make Patna, the capital of Bihar, more beautiful and better city, and to make it the best city in the world, what is the blue print? About 26 hundred acres of land will be included in Greater Patna, in which around sixteen lakh population will get special benefit, along with about five hundred villages in Greater Patna will also be included.

Greater Patna will be the biggest beneficiary of the development of the surrounding areas including Patna, out of which Naubatpur Danapur Phulwari Sharif Bihata Shivpur Kanhauli Danapur Vikram Dulheen Bazaar Paliganj Shivala Shivala Sadisopur Area etc. will benefit the most, all these areas with a good road infrastructure Will be connected Right now Danapur Bihta is being connected with a good road network after which the distance between these two will be 20 minutes.

Under this scheme, the picture of the areas of Greater Patna will be changed in the next three years. Also, to change the picture of Greater Patna, the traffic facility will be increased in the first phase, after which the residential area will be developed. That Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave instructions to the officials on Tuesday. Currently, some work related to Greater Patna is being looked at, in which a ring road is an important project and Bihata Airport is also an important plan.

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