These special features like BMW will be available in MG Gloster, will compete with these cars

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Like the BMW, the MG Gloster will be equipped with an Auto Park Assist feature. Also, there is another great feature in it, with the help of which if the distance between the car going forward is reduced, then the Gloster will stop which the accident can be avoided.

Mug Motors will soon launch its full size SUV MG Gloster in India. It is believed that the company is preparing to launch it in the festive season. Recently, the best feature of this car has been revealed. Like MG Gloster BMW will be equipped with Auto Park Assist feature.

Will protect against accident

This SUV is equipped with the new generation of automotive technology. This vehicle has special sensors. Because of these sensors, the SUV will run a fixed distance from the car in front of it. If the distance between the cars moving forward is reduced, then the Gloster will stop so that the accident can be avoided. According to the Ministry of Road Transport, in 2018 more than one and a half lakh people lost their lives in a road accident. This technology can also reduce this number.


The company claims that the Gloster SUV will feature a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system with MG’s connected car iSmart Technology, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also, features such as flat bottom 3-spoke steering wheel, voice command and sunroof can be included. Special technique to prevent the collision of the vehicle in dense fog, mist, darkness and blind mode can prove to be quite useful.

Engine and price

According to the company, a 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine will be available in the Gloster SUV coming in the Indian market. This engine will come with an 8-speed AMT gearbox. It is being told that MG Gloster SUV can be launched at an initial price of 35 lakhs.

These cars will compete

In the Indian market, the MG Gloster will compete with SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Alturas and Ford Endeavor.

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