7 reasons why you don’t want sex

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The desire for sex is decreasing in the current generation as compared to the previous generation. Despite the ever-opening of society, people’s aversion towards sex is shocking. Several surveys have found that young married couples have a lower frequency of having sex than younger married couples of their earlier generation. We can say that the desire to have sex on average is decreasing in the society. What exactly could be the reason for this? We have tried to identify some possible reasons on which you can blame your decreased sex desire.

Reason 1: Mental stress

This generation can be called the stressed generation. Every average man carries a bundle of tensions on his head. Even teenagers and youth are immensely stressed. How can you expect to have a better sex life when stress dominates the mind? Mental stress makes us tired not only mentally but also physically. So if your sex life has been derailed for some time, then do not take too much stress, first run away from other stresses of life. Your sex life will be back on track.

Reason 2: Body Image Issues

Ever since the camera has come into our lives, we have started looking at ourselves a little more. Social media has created a situation involving bitter gourd and neem. While people were already worried about their physique, seeing the slim and toned bodies of others on social media is not getting blown up even more. It has been revealed in many studies that there is no dearth of people who are not comfortable with their body and in this affair they are not able to enjoy freely even during sex relations. What ultimately happens is that they start turning away from sex.

Reason 3: Not exercising

With the advancement of technology, we have started focusing more on our face than our overall body. We are busy taking selfies with different types of filters throughout the day. Glad to see those selfies. In the joy of these filtered selfies, we have stopped thinking about how to improve the rest of our body. This generation has the largest number of physically inactive people. Lack of physical activities leads to weight gain, we suffer from lack of energy, get stressed and one day body image issue starts bothering us. All these have a mixed effect on our sex life. So, if you want a better sex life then start exercising from today itself.

Reason 4: Exercising too much

Too much is not good for any work, this has been understood in many ways by our elders. While not exercising is a bad thing, too much exercise is bad too. Some people suddenly become health conscious and start doing excessive exercise. They wonder to see why sex is angry with them even after having a good body? See, if you are putting all your energy in the gym, then sex life will remain energyless. Exercising is a good thing, but exercise only in controlled amounts. Exercising too much can lead to muscle injuries or other types of injuries. This is not good for your sex life.

Reason Fifth: Economic Troubles

In a married relationship, couples do most of the quarrels due to lack of money. If everything is not going well in your career or partner’s career, then after a time its side effect will start falling on your sex life. If your partner’s or your career is shaky, then instead of accusing each other or fighting and quarreling, you should become the support of each other. No situation lasts forever. When you work together to solve financial problems, then the graph of both love and sex will go upwards.

Reason Six: Medical Conditions

We all take medicines for some reason or the other. We use medicines for better health, but as we all know that medicines have side-effects. Anti-depressants and oral contraceptives are believed to be responsible for reducing sex drive. If you also feel that some medicines are making your sex life colorless then you should talk to your doctor and request to suggest alternatives to those medicines.

The strings of good sex are connected with hormones. Generally, women have to face tremendous hormonal fluctuations in the age of menopause. At that time, their ovaries stop producing hormones, especially estrogen, the hormone believed to be responsible for better sex.

Reason Seven: Lack of trust in the relationship

Apart from financial problems, the second biggest cause of conflict between married couples is ‘trust issue’. Sometimes couples do not trust each other’s honesty. In such a situation sex life gets affected. After all, sex is not just a physical act, but a result of emotional attachment, which is born out of trust. If a situation of misunderstanding has arisen between you about any matter or incident, then resolve it through dialogue, instead of escalating the matter. This is very important not only in terms of sex, but also in terms of your relationship.

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