Home Remedies to Prevent Grey Hair

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Home Remedies to Prevent Grey Hair

Someday while combing, when we see that one hair which is no longer black but has turned white, then feelings like fear of old age, sadness and sadness are filled in the mind. Seeing the first white hair, many people panic and start using different types of chemical products. After which the problem of many people increases instead of decreasing. In such a situation, to make hair naturally black, it can be considered safe to take help of those natural herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers (Ways to get naturally black hair) which have always been used. Lauki is also one such natural food which makes the hair color black. Let us know how gourd can be used to keep hair naturally black. (Home Remedies To Prevent Gray Hair In Hindi)

Can gourd make white hair black?

Pumpkin, Ghiya or Bottle Gourd are included in the diet for weight loss and controlling high blood sugar level. Along with the dietary fiber found in it, nutrients like phosphorus, vitamins, sodium, potassium and iron not only give energy to the body, but they also clean the body from within and throw out all the dirt and toxins. Huh. With this, all the functions of the body work properly. Along with this, the health of skin and hair also becomes better. (Health benefits of bottle gourd)

Lauki Ka Tel, a traditional bottle gourd oil, is an age-old recipe tried for darkening hair. Read here the right way to make and use this oil. (Ways to use lauki or bottle gourd for hair care)

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Ayurvedic oil to prevent grey hair

How to make bottle gourd oil for black hair? (Ayurvedic oil to prevent gray hair)

• Small and fresh gourds are used to make bottle gourd oil. Cut the bottle gourd with the skin and spread the pieces to dry in the sun.

• The gourd pieces will dry in 4-5 days after which they can be used to make oil.

• Now, keep 2 bowls (approximately 200 ml) of coconut oil in a vessel for heating. When the oil becomes hot, put the pieces of bottle gourd in it and keep it to boil. After cooking for 15-20 minutes, when the oil and gourd are cooked well, then turn off the flame.

• Now, leave the oil for 30 -40 minutes to cool down properly. Then, filter this mixture and store the oil in a glass jar.

• According to the need, massage the head with this oil and leave it on the hair for 6-8 hours. After that shampoo as usual and let the hair dry naturally.

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