Trump hands over the Creation of Corona Vaccine to Muslim Scientist

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US President Donald Trump on Friday entrusted the famous virology scientist of Moroccan origin, Munsif Alsalawi, to prepare and distribute the corona virus vaccine.

The research team headed by Munsif Alslavi will also include senior Pentagon official Gostav Berna whose aim is to coordinate between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense in the process of preparing the corona virus vaccine as soon as possible.

The Trump administration has given Munsif Salawi the position after Rick Bright was removed. Bright had opposed Trump’s suggestion to use the hydroxy chloroquine drug on Kovid-19’s sick, which led to Trump’s removal from office.

The Trump administration then began a search for a highly competent scientist for a governmental organization working on the corona virus vaccine and required a person who was proficient in health science as well as management. In this way, Dr. Munsif Alsalawi, a scientist in virology, was a member of the managing board of several institutions working on the vaccine.

Alslavi lives in the United States, having previously served as head of the vaccine department at the Glasco Smith Cline Company. Given Alsalawi’s appointment, experts say Trump is trying to get the corona virus vaccine ready in a very short time.

Alsalawi was born in the city of Agadir, Morocco. He moved to Belgium for education at the age of 17 where he did his doctorate in biology. After this, Alslavi completed his education and research while staying at Harvard University and Taft’s University in Massachusetts.

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