Donald Trump said – Biden will come to power, a country like India will get free-pass on climate change

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The campaign for the presidential election in America continues. US President Donald Trump recently targeted Joe Biden on the Paris Agreement issue, and also took a dig at India.

US President Donald Trump’s attack

India will benefit from Biden’s plan: Trump

US President Donald Trump has once again targeted his opponent Joe Biden during the election campaign. At the same time, he has also surrounded India, China and Russia tightly. In his address, Donald Trump said that Joe Biden talks about coming back to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change after coming to power, if it happens then it would be a shock to America’s middle class. Also, countries like India, Russia and China will get free pass.

Donald Trump said this at an event in Florida. US President said that Joe Biden’s plan is going to ruin America. Because it will give way to countries like India, China and Russia which cause the most pollution. They will not have to clear their land but we will be paying their compensation.

Let me tell you that Donald Trump overturned Barack Obama’s decision after coming to power. Also, America was withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. Donald Trump had alleged that under this, America has to pay the most money, while countries like India and China are not giving money by spreading more pollution.

Whereas the duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have promised that they will get America reentered in this agreement if they come to power. This has become an important issue in the presidential election to be held on November 3. Donald Trump has consistently targeted India and China on the issue of climate.

Regarding Joe Biden, Donald Trump said that his agenda is not development but a waste of America. He claimed that our government is constantly working towards development, as well as giving the cleanest air to the American people.

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