How is America’s President elected?

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The process of presidential elections has started in America, the world’s most powerful country. Like India, US too has democracy; but the process of presidential election is completely different. Understand here how the presidential election is held in America.

  • Presidential elections started in America
  • Votes to be cast on November 3 this year
  • Electoral process is quite different from India

The year 2020 brought many types of news for the world, but the biggest news became the news of corona virus, which created a stir in the whole world. But, it is only a matter of the first 3 months of the year, now the whole world is eyeing on another news, which is important for the whole world. This year is the presidential election in America.

America, the most powerful country in the world and the person who rules it, is considered the most powerful. In such a situation, the world keeps a close watch on who becomes the President of America. The presidential election process is about to begin there and on November 3, the people of America will cast their vote for the new leader.

Like India, America is also a democratic country, in which voting is very important. But the process there is a bit difficult and longer than India. In this way, how are the elections in America, what is the system there and how does an American person choose his President, understand it in easy language here.

Who can become the President of America?

Section 1 of Article 2 of the US Constitution gives detailed information about the presidential election there. In this, three major things have been noted, under which the foundation of the American election is laid. If any person wants to become the President of America, then it is necessary to fulfill the below-given conditions:

  • The person contesting the election must be a born American.
  • He should be at least 35 years old.
  • The person contesting the election must have been in America for at least 14 years.

US Election Process

How does the electoral process begin?

In America, there is a two-party system— first Republican and second Democrats. Both parties have to nominate one person from their side as the presidential candidate whom the public votes for. But even before selecting this candidate, there is a long process because every one wants to be the President of America.

Primary and Caucus

There are two types of elections to decide the party’s candidate— first primary and second caucus. In this, any party worker can stand for the presidential election, he only needs his supporters.

If we talk about primary elections, these are done under state governments, which can also be done openly as well as closely. That is, if the state government chooses to conduct elections openly, then the general public along with the party’s supporters can vote in it. At the same time, if there is a closed vote, then only the supporters associated with the party vote for the candidate.

Now, if we talk about the caucus system, these elections are conducted by the party itself, in which the supporters of the party gather at one place and discuss different issues. The President listens to the person standing for the candidate, after which a candidate is given support by standing in the same assembly, although this happens in very few states.

What is the primary and caucus game?

To be a presidential candidate on behalf of both Republicans and Democrats, a number is required; a number that is required in primary and caucus elections. For example, if 10 people are in the presidential race on behalf of one party, then they have to get the support of the maximum number of delegates in the primary or caucus elections in every state, finally the national convention based on the number of these delegates. Moves towards

In 2020, the total number of delegates of Democrats is 3979 and 1991 is needed to win, while the total number of delegates of Republicans is 2550 and 1276 are needed to be candidates.

National Convention and Vice Presidential Candidate

Once the primary election is over, the picture becomes clear as to who will be the presidential candidate from both parties. But its official declaration is in the National Convention, the National Convention of Democrats is always in July and the Republican Party in the month of August.

Here the top party of the party declares the candidate, then the presidential candidate, makes a speech in front of his supporters, accepts the candidature and along with it, announces the candidate of the elected Vice President of his choice. And from here, the real process of the US presidential election begins when the presidential candidate selected by the party goes out to campaign in the entire country.

Presidential Election and Elector

The American public always votes for the presidency in the first week of November, but this vote is not done directly for the candidate. The American public first elects an elector locally; it is representative of the American presidential candidate.

Its group is called the Electoral College which has a total of 538 members who come from different states. The public directly selects the same members who go ahead and elect the president. When the American public votes their elector once, they have no hand in the presidential election. It only depends on the elector that he wants to make a president.

To become President, any candidate needs the support of more than 270 electors. The person who has a figure of more than 270 takes oath as President or Vice President of America on 20th  January.

Which state has how much power?

America is also a country of many states like India. Every state has its own strength of seats which plays its role in primary and later final elections. There are some states that can change the entire elections on their own, like back home Uttar Pradesh which is considered as the most important state for the Lok Sabha elections in India.

California is the most powerful state in the US by primary election with 415 delegates, followed by Texas with 228 and then North Carolina with 110.

Although the calculation for the presidential election may be slightly different, because then delegates do not keep electors, but their number is also based on the size of the states, in such a situation, it is considered very important for a candidate to win the state.

TV debates create atmosphere!

One of the biggest parts of the US election is TV debates. Even during the election campaign, all the candidates go to different rallies in different areas, but TV debates are the real issue on which most voters are affected. These debates are also of two types— first primary level debates between the candidates of the party and second presidential debates between the presidential candidates of the two parties.

All these debates are conducted through some American news channel. Every debate has a separate issue that lasts for several stages. In the primary election, the candidates of the party keep their points on 1-1 issue and try to woo the public. Similarly, in the presidential election debates, candidates of both parties go to different news channels and participate in the debate.

Who will be seen in the 2020 election?

The process of the US election this year is going on and everyone is eyeing Donald Trump, will anyone be able to compete with Trump in this election. So far primary elections are going on, in such a situation, it has not been decided who will be the presidential candidate from the Democrats but the race is on.

This time, take a look at who are in the race for the top presidential candidate from both sides-


  • Joe Biden
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Pete Buttegg


  • Donald Trump
  • Bill Weld
  • Joe Walsh
  • Rocky De La Fuente

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