I have trouble with hijab— Naseeruddin Shah

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Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah is sometimes in the news due to his biography and sometimes due to his statement. Once he was trolled for opposing NRC and now his own community is angry with his statement on his Talban. Naseer has told in an interview to ‘The Wire’ why Indian Islam is better and different from other countries.

Naseeruddin Shah said on the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan that ‘some Muslims’ are happy at the arrival of the Taliban, they should ask themselves whether they want change, modern Islam or they want to live with the barbarism of the past decades. This hurt some fanatical Islam followers and Naseer became the reason for the displeasure of some people of his own community.

Nasir still stands by his statement and in an interview he discussed the Quran with Islam and said that Islam and the things written in the Quran are used by the contractors of the religion according to their own twists.

Naseer said that he has a problem with the hijab, as there is no mention of women wearing the burqa anywhere in Islam.

Naseer said that there is a mention of hijab in the Quran, but this hijab matters from the eyes. That is, to be ashamed of the sight, but the contractors of religion have twisted it according to their own accord.

Naseer said that like a tent, it was not written in Islam to cover women in black clothes from top to bottom.

Nasir said that Indian Islam has always been different from Islam all over the world and God should not bring the time that it changes so much that we cannot even recognize it.

Naseer had said that he is an Indian Muslim and that their relationship with Allah Mian is very disconcerting. They have no need for political religion.

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