Important agreement between Russia and India amid tension with China

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Russia has agreed to bring India’s immediate defense needs to a standstill amid tensions with China. This news has been published prominently on page number 9 by the English newspaper The Hindu.

This agreement was reached between the two countries during India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s recent visit to Russia. There was also talk of an AK-203 assault rifle and Ka-226T light utility helicopter in the defence deal between the two countries. According to The Hindu’s report, India has told Russia that it no longer has to delay defence deals. On this, Russia has assured India that it will deliver it in the next few months.

Rajnath Singh went on a four-day tour of Russia on 21 June to mark the 75th Victory Day parade. During this tour, Rajnath Singh spoke to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yurya Borisov.

India has demanded Russia to complete these defense deals early when China and India’s army are face to face on the border in Ladakh. Army and defense rescue equipment have been deployed along the border from both countries.

S-400 will begin to meet by the end of 2021

After talks with Russia, Rajnath Singh said in a statement that Russia has given assurance that the existing contracts will be continued and some will be carried forward soon.

However, on the S-400 deal, sources say that its delivery will start at the end of 2021 at the scheduled time and it will be difficult to pursue this deal.

A diplomatic source said, “Technically it is not possible to carry it forward.” At the same time, Indian sources say that the delivery will be fulfilled according to the terms of the contract.

Another official source said that there has been some progress in the deal for the AK-203 rifle, which was stalled in terms of price. This deal has been done with more than seven and a half lakh rifles. Out of this, one lakh will be imported and 6.71 lakh rifles will form Indo-Russia Rifle Private Limited (IRRPL) in Korwa, Uttar Pradesh as a joint venture.

However, the deal of 200 Ka-226 T light utility chopper is stuck on the matter of indigenization. Russia and India are evaluating the possibilities to reach the percentage of indigenization decided during the tender.

Both are looking at how Indian aviation material can be used during production in India, giving it a new indigenization angle as well as inspiring the domestic aero industry.

Allied countries will soon give weapons to India

Tension continues on the border between India and China, meanwhile India’s allied countries have committed to deliver the necessary weapons and war equipment immediately.

France has promised to deliver additional Rafale jets by next month. At the same time, Israel is also expected to get an air defense system soon.

America will also send guns and Russia will soon deliver weapons and war equipment worth one billion dollars.

These commitments are set after the top level bilateral meetings. Also, a major meeting was held in the capital, in which it was decided that Indian military forces would be given emergency economic powers in view of the long-standing tension in Ladakh.

The first batch of highly advanced Rafale fighters is expected to arrive in India on July 27. It is said that these aircraft are equipped with probably the best air-to-air missile in the world.

As part of the initial plan, the four fighters were to reach home base Ambala next month, but sources say that France has now committed to send additional Rafals to the first batch.

A total of eight aircraft are to be certified soon, but it is not clear how many additional fighters can be found soon.

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