US Presidential Election: Donald Trump’s campaign hinges on these 5 strategies

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On Trump’s Friday speech, the scene at the White House grounds was like a castle. Security officials had put up barriers in many places so that the protesters should not be allowed to disturb the President’s speech.

On the one hand, police and agencies had prepared a cover of security around the White House, while Republican parties spent the last four days building a psychological bubble around the president. A convenient reality cover protecting the past six months of turmoil has been prepared.

The purpose of the party this week was to welcome the voters’ alliance in this bubble. This not only includes Trump’s trusted base, but also includes semi-urban, not-so-presidential-like women who don’t like the president’s policies, and ethnic minorities who are concerned about rising racial tensions in the country.

Recent polls indicate that a large majority of Americans believe that the country is going in the wrong direction. This will be a major obstacle in the way of the re-election of the current President.

Republicans have tried to prove that things are really good and are improving further.

Here we are going to mention the six strategies of Trump through which he is dreaming of becoming President again.

Selling Kovid-19 as a success story

Nearly 6 million cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in the US and more than 1,82,000 people have died. Trump and Republicans have tried to talk about this fact all week. For the first time, Mike Pence, Melania Trump and President Trump himself have expressed their sympathy to those who have lost their relatives from Kovid-19.

Trump said, “As a country we are grieving and we will always keep the memories of those people whose lives have been lost in this way. We will be united in their honor. In their memory we will overcome it.” “

Republicans are focusing on the steps taken by the President. These include things like banning US travel from China, cooperation in research for treatment, the recently announced $ 750 million new rapid-result corona virus test and claims to have the US vaccine by the end of this year.

Many speakers addressed the corona virus as a thing of the past and showed it as if the worst had passed.

“We are delivering life-saving therapies and we are going to have the vaccine by the end of this year or even earlier. We will defeat the virus, the epidemic will end and we will emerge stronger than ever before,” Trump said.

The re-election of President Trump will depend on how much he believes in these claims because the virus is still wreaking havoc in America.

Promise of another economic return

Earlier this year, the President’s 2020 campaign was completely dependent on the strength of the economy. But, this epidemic changed everything.

Now America is in the midst of a severe recession. The unemployment rate has reached double digits and the consumer confidence has collapsed.

However, a ray of recovery has also appeared and Trump and the Republicans immediately pointed to this thing this week. The stock market once again reached a new high, business purchases have started picking up. Polls show that the President is still getting the best numbers to handle the economy.

However, the main focus of the Republican convention has been to remind Americans what kind of economic achievements have been achieved before the epidemic. These include the 2017 tax cuts, the renegotiated trade deals with Canada, Mexico and South Korea, and the lowest unemployment at one time.

The main arguments of Republicans are the things done in the first three years of the Trump administration, and the claim that they can once again make things good.

Work on racial front

Trump has a mixed record in the White House regarding raciality. Although his administration has helped bring about a non-partisan criminal justice reform bill, his opponents say that his words and especially his tweets have been a frequent refusal of his footsteps.

He mentions the weak efforts of the President during recent protests and says that police brutality and racism as a mechanism is a testimony to this and has caused concerns in the black community.

This week the Republicans have tried to show the President as one of the champions of the black community whose work has been undermined.

Convention speakers have repeatedly emphasized that Trump really cares about black Americans. Including former football star Herschel Walker, Senator Tim Scott, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Housing Secretary Ben Carson, White House staffer Jaron Smith, it was a modern Republican convention that tried its best to reach black voters.

Clarence Henderson said, “Donald Trump really cares about black people. His policies show his heart.”

As a controversial display of presidential powers during a political convention, Trump pardoned Joan Ponder, who had been convicted and now in a program to return former prisoners to society Is helping

Its message was clear and its aim was strategic.

In 2016, 10 percent electorate was formed from black voters. Of this, 90 percent voted Democrat Hillary Clinton. If Trump manages to snatch the votes of Democrats from this section, then he can get the benefit.

“I haven’t done as much for the black community in three years as Biden would have done in 47 years,” Trump said.

Law and order

Four years ago, in his Convention Acceptance Speech, Trump promised that “crime and violence which has adversely affected our country is going to end soon.” In his inaugural address, he said that “the devastation in America has to stop right now and then”.

However, after three and a half years, violent crime in America has increased in some cities and protests against police brutality have taken violent form. In such a situation, the logic of the President is that it is a mistake of the state and local democrats and voters can give a message to them by choosing Trump again.

Trump said, “Your vote will decide whether we will protect our law abiding Americans or we will give free will to arbitrary violent chaotic elements, protesters and criminals.”

In large-scale protests that began after George Floyd’s death, the president’s focus has been on violence in places like Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, and now Kenosha, Wisconsin. Their focus has not been on the action of the police, due to which this violence started. The same thing happened on Thursday night.

In his speech, the President made a minor mention of the wrong conduct of the police and said that the justice system will not leave the wrongdoers.

Trump said, “But, we can never let such situations arise as the conditions are today. We can never let the crowd dominate.”

Repeated attack on biden

If the Republicans fail to build Trump’s image and build people’s trust in the current US conditions, their ultimate plan will be to turn this election into an election between Trump and his Democratic opponent.

Despite winning a negative approval rating in 2014, Trump won because of his adversary Hillary Clinton because he was considered equally unpopular. Throughout the week, Republicans such as party chair Rona McDaniel and Pence tried to take advantage of the lack of details of policies in the Democratic convention and tried to show Biden as a leftist.

Senate Scott and Cameron from Kentucky put their sensitivity to racial issues to the fore. Pence said that Biden is not fit to handle and protect this country. Pence said, “The bitter truth is that you will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

In his Thursday night speech, Trump gave a sharp edge to this attack. He said, “Biden’s record is full of terrible deception and wrong decisions. He has spent his entire career standing on the wrong side of history.” He warned that Biden would raise taxes and encourage illegal migration, leave the streets to the Criminals and “confiscate your guns.”

He said, “If Joe Biden does not have the strength to stand up to Marxists and his fellow radicals like Bernie Sanders, how will he ever be able to stand up for you?”

While reaching out to people politically is a good thing, in winning the election of modern times, it is equally important to instill enthusiasm among their trusted supporters as they influence a segment of voters who are unaware Which way will they go?

In such a situation, the full emphasis of the Republican convention was on encouraging the presidential base. They were told that the secular upper section of media, big technology companies, Liberals and Experts have followed them. Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a couple from St. Louis who gunned down Black Lives Matter protesters, said Democrats wanted to end the suburbs.

Patricia McCloskey said, “If you stand up for yourself, the crowd gathered with the support of the media will try to destroy you.”

In his speech on Wednesday, Pence said that Trump will save American heritage. He said, “If you want a president who is silent while destroying or insulting your legacy, then he is not such a person.” Trump said, “Always remember. They are behind me because I fight for you.”

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