Vitamin C Side Effects: Do not take indiscriminate vitamin-C to increase immunity, know its 5 major side effects

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Do not blindly take vitamin-C to increase immunity

In the year 2020, the word immunity was the most searched on the Internet. Fearing the Corona virus, people not only became serious about their health, but also started adopting different types of prescriptions to improve immunity. People started showing trust in all fruits and supplements. Meanwhile, fruits and supplements containing vitamin-C remained the most in the headlines. Experts also claimed that vitamin C is effective in improving immunity.

Vitamin C side effects

The expert’s claim may be true, but did you know that excessive intake of vitamin C can also be dangerous for our health. Vitamin-C is also like all those things, which are beneficial for our health, but taking too much of it can cause harm to the body. Let us tell you in this link, what are the side effects of taking vitamin-C in excessive amounts, and how much quantity is right to take it?

Vomiting diarrhea

Vomiting-diarrhea- Experts say that excessive intake of Vitamin-C can cause diarrhea. You may have a bad stomach. Vomiting and diarrhea may increase. Body dehydrate can also occur if these problems increase.


Heartburn- Heartburn problem is also involved in vitamin-C side effects. In this condition, burning sensation is felt in the lower and upper parts of the chest. Irritation of the throat may increase the problem. Before taking its supplements, consult a doctor once.


Nausea – Excessive intake of vitamin C can cause you nausea. The possibility of such problems with fruits is less, but take vitamin-C supplements in the market in small quantities.

Abdominal cramp

Abdominal cramp- Consuming too much vitamin-C can cause stomach cramps or cramps. Therefore, avoid using vitamin-C products in large quantities at one time.

Insomnia or Headache

Insomnia or headache- Excessive intake of vitamin-C can also cause insomnia (insomnia) and headache. Restlessness can increase while sleeping at night. Therefore, do not eat such things before sleeping at night.

What quantity is right

What is the correct amount – According to many studies, people are advised to take 65-90 mg of vitamin-C daily. Over 2000 grams of vitamin-C a day can be dangerous for health. For example, an orange contains about 51 milligrams of vitamin-C. That is, you can eat 2 oranges comfortably one day.

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